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Spark Performance Learns What A Blog Is

As I type, utilizing maybe 5ish finger across both of my hands, I realize not everyone is good at all things. I see my wife Courtney blast through a sentence or two in about the time it takes me to realize I'm three words in and not sure If I should use a comma or not. My parents offered me all the knowledge I could want to learn with the opportunity at ease but I decided It was through working with my hands I would put on a good show. Yes, I am aware that you may be thinking "Well, if he is so good with his hands what's with the slow typing?" I am too, trust me. So onward to the story at hand! I haven't thought of anything good yet but I've been told it will come. I'm not a writer by all means so do I suffer from writers block or do I just genuinely not have anything to say? I have been told and I realize it even so myself that sometimes I don't express what needs to be expressed socially in word form. A fault that I am aware of but somehow continually just don't get the timing right. I have a shirt that expresses it quite well "I may not look like I'm doing anything but in my head I'm quite busy." the expression is coming. I just have to find the reaction folder in my brain first and thumb through the poorly categorized repertoire of muscle positioning. If you have stayed around this long you will have realized two things most likely:

  1. This guy is... All over the place, what?

  2. That Titles can be miss leading and that I still may not know what a blog is.

I think what I will stick too is giving you the reader some tough to read sentences splattered with some cool pictures and a story line of what its like to build a family business in racing.

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2023년 10월 20일

This was pure gold!

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